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You’re an honest person who has lived the right way and worked hard, but you just can't seem to climb out of debt. Call Ray H Shatzer Attorney and we will help you find a solution to your financial woes. Quit avoiding the bill collectors and let us stop the harassing phone calls today. We will get your back on your feet and give you a way out.

  • File for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

  • File for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

  • Stop the harassing phone calls

  • Halt the foreclosure process

  • Keep your possessions

  • Eliminate your debt

The expert staff at Law Office of Ray H Shatzer can help plan your debt-free future.

Just because you declare bankruptcy doesn’t mean that you're admitting to living irresponsibly or carelessly.  It’s just a way for you to move on from the weight and pressure of past debts and reset your life.

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If you’re tired of floundering in debt, you need to take action today. Call Ray H Shatzer Attorney now for a FREE consultation to see how we can help. We have years of experience to help stabilize your debt issues and get them resolved quickly.

Don't let debt sink your future

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